Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Where The Hell Have I Been?

Hello! I have been gone for quite some time. I always think I'm the busiest possible and then I add some new thing to my life and I'm EVEN BUSIER but I think I need to bring blogging back into my life to force myself to relax. I never ever relax. I never have time to myself to just sit back and do nothing. My mind is always buzzing with a million to do lists and I'm always running late for some activity or another.

I'm not really sure if I mentioned my life changes before so here they are. I know longer am a stay at home mind during the week and then just working at a bar all weekend. I now teach preschool full time during the week and then work at the bar Friday and Saturday nights. I work around 60 hours a week, sometimes 70. AHHHH!

I leave for work every morning at 8am and then get home around 8-9pm. That's Monday through Thursday. Friday I worked 830am-3am. Ouch. Then Saturdays I usually work like 4pm-3am. Sundays I sometimes work and sometimes I don't. But when I don't I always have numerous activities for Lyla to do or family obligations... since it's my only off day.

ANDDDDD, I also joined a gym. And not just any gym, Lifetime Fitness. A wopping $150 a month and it takes up like all of my free time. Besides Lyla's real gymnastics class that she does once a week at a very fancy important gymnastics place here, she also attends classes at our new gym. She does gymnastics there, all types of dance, yoga, karate, sports skills, art, music, Spanish, swimming lessons, etc. They are actual 45 minute classes she attends while I'm working out. We go 5-6 days a week and she takes 1 or 2 classes per day after school. I mostly take spin, yoga, or have personal trainer sessions but once I'm in better shape there are tons of classes I want to try. We seriously never want to leave. We even shower there most days as it's basically a spa.

So anyway, we are busy. But I NEED TO MAKE MORE DOWN TIME. I need to put away laundry right when it's finished, I need to use my oils again, I need to clean my room, I need to swap out Winter for Summer clothes, I need to take more photos, I need to edit and upload Christmas Day photos, etc.

This is all what I have been up to and why I've been missing. Teaching is fun, but a lot of work even outside of the classroom. Lyla is engaged in so so many activities and the happiest girl alive.

Here are our Christmas photos and her Pre-K photos taken at the end of 2015!

Can't wait to come back to this space again and write some real things. And I can't wait to actually dive into reading all of your blogs again too!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

OH HEY!!! It has been almost 2 months since I suddenly disappeared from the Internet. It did not happen on purpose, I swear. I spontaneously was offered a job teaching at a preschool and decided to take it. That means that I went from working just weekend nights to working a full time job AND working weekend nights still. On top of the added 40 hours a week (I work around 60 hours a week), I also have tons of work to do at home for my new job as I catch up on paperwork and lesson plans for the year. And of course, there's still housework, cooking, being in a million weddings, going to tons of concerts (hehe), and OH YEAH being a single mom. I'm a pretty busy lazy.

Because of all this, I have negative time to myself. The upstairs of my house looks like a bomb went off, I eat a lot of ramen noodles these days, I wash my hair EVEN LESS than before, I am extremely  super duper tired, and I never pick up my camera anymore.

In the middle of my 19 hour work day on Friday, I had this freak out moment when I realized I have no photos of Lyla from anywhere except my cell phone since the beginning of September and vowed to at least get photos of her in her costume. So, here we are, photos of Lyla as Sheriff Callie. 

Besides the new teaching job not much has changed in my life. It feels like my entire life has shifted, and it has, but it's just based on one detail. We're figuring this all out and trying to make it work. I know that things will calm down and get easier after a little while so I'm fighting through with optimism and lots of hard work. 

Although my life is chaotic right now, I'm still 100% completely happy and content. Thankfully my daughter is able to attend the preschool I work at, she's just not in my class. I know she's safe and happy all day while learning and growing and that makes all of this worth it. I find being a mother the easiest thing I've ever done and this is just part of the journey.

Friday, September 11, 2015

My Poor Lawn

Every year I post something so similar to this. The summer has turned my lawn yellow. It is dead. Our summers are usually in the upper 80s to upper 90s and although most of the summer also has rain, the end of summer we always go in a drought (while also being in a heat wave). Same shit, different year. We aren't technically in a drought where we can't use water or anything, it's just our plants that suffer.

We got a sprinkler to help water the lawn but it's not set on a schedule or anything because we don't want to use too much water like other people. We just want to do it every few days to help. Our lawns will naturally turn green, then brown, and then green again throughout the upcoming fall, winter, and spring seasons. I know it's not permanently dead, but still it looks so sad :(

Regardless, Lyla has a ton of fun when the sprinkler is on. Kids are so so so easy to amuse. She told me it was the BEST DAY EVER once we went inside. 

I hope you all enjoy it while you can!!!
We have many beach trips and summer things left to do! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What I'm Reading 2.0

What I've read the past month:

I would highly reccomend all of these books EXCEPT for the poetry by Charles Bukowski and the Jojo Moyes book. They were both pretty crappy.

What I'm currently reading:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hershey Park 2015

Oh heyyyy. I've been missing for a while, I know. It's the end of Summer so I've been spending every second and dollar I have soaking in the sun and going on trips that I can't go on once it's cold again. Besides beach trips, vacations, and amusement parks there really hasn't been anything blog worthy going on. I'm never home to cook fun food and I haven't changed a darn thing in my house in months. I'm sure I'll be blogging much much more once Fall kicks in and I have nothing to do but mosey around the house. 

Recently we spent the week in Hershey, PA visiting family and going to Hershey Park. Lyla and I had SO MUCH fun just the two of us in Hershey Park. She's the bravest little girl I know. When she's running around the water park and going on roller coasters I see this genuine smile spread across her face that is pure happiness. It's the most beautiful smile and I love doing anything and everything I can to see it :)

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